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Saturday, April 3, 2010

27-Last Dayy

Soooo today (Saturday) is our last day. We leave tomorrow morning at like, 3 am. At the moment we're watching Catch That Kid and we're leaving for dinner in about an hour. Here's a picture of my color, hahaha. Not much, but better than what it used to be! Have to write a paper on the plane, and we'll arrive home at around 10:40 or so. Easter Sunday! That means Easter eggs! Siick. Well, I found a guy that I know that knows the kid that I told you about in my 6th post (6-Wowww), and we'll see if that gets us anywhere. Sort of excited for school. This Monday is the first day of our 4th term, so I have two new classes; lifeguard and film studies. Hope lifeguard isn't a joke, and also hope no cute boys are in that class. I'm really self-conscious in a swim suit. Well, I'm going to go and get ready for dinner tonight, and this movie is gettin pretty good. It's got Corbin Bleu, Kristen Stewart, and Max Theiriot. So little! So cute! Uhg, and my sunburn itches too. Aiight, laterr playerss.

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