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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hola bloggers. Today is Sunday...which means tomorrow is Monday. Yuck. Anyways, I'm now a member of LookBook, an invitation only website for new trends and fashions. Here's my link so check it out. If that doesn't work, the picture included is my first look. The pictures are from summer, but I love that outfit. Oh, and I'm watching a commercial for this new Delta faucet, and its touch-sensitive! That's freakin awesome. Last day of the Olympics today...): so sad. USA verse Canada today in hockey, though. Excited for that one. Good for Canada, though, for getting the most gold medals. I like Canada. Of the places I want to live someday, Canada is definitely one of them. Others include San Francisco (MOST definitely), Carmel-by-the-Sea, New York City, London, and maybe Paris. I'll let you know where I end up, hahaha. Well my mom just got some new boxes of Girl Scout cookies, so I have some things I gotta doooo...hahahaha. Until next timee, all.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Okay, so I went to my high school boys varsity basketball game cause I was playing with the pep band for a day, and I saw the kid who I saw when I went to Youth in Government. The kid I saw at YIG is REALLY HOT. In 5th grade we went to this summer program for extra credit or something, he went for math and I went for chemistry. Whenever we went out for a lunch break, he'd pick me to be on his baseball team. And then I saw him at YIG and he's still the cutest thing ever! Anyways, he was on the opposing team! Varsity! And I really hope he didn't see me playing in the pep band... embarrassinggg. Anyways, he goes to a different school so I never see him. And I don't want to sound like a creeper, but I wish I had a chance to go out with him. I don't have a cell phone (yes, I'm 15 without a cell phone), and if I had the choice between a phone and going out with him, I'd choose him. Uhg, this is so crazy! To be honest, though, I probably won't see him again until next years YIG. But everything happens for a reason, right? Oh well, later.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

5-Early Release/Lose Weight

Soooo today we got out of school early because of conferences, but I don't have a conference, so I get to be home and watch Tyra! Hahaha, well tomorrow is career day and I am going to a vetrinarian! I hope I can get to hold lil puppies and aminalss. Hahaha, so cute. So much temptaion to eat all the ice cream and Girl Scout cookies. Omnomnomnom. Oh, something you should know about me is that I struggle with my self confidence. I know this about myself and I'm not afraid to tell people about it. I hate my tummy and my inner thighs! Other than those two parts of me, I am pretty much thin, or at least that's what my friends tell me. I am really active though, I have a game later today. I play soccer year round, so it's not like I don't excersize, it's that I eat too much. Roar! If anyone knows, does HydroxyCut work? I'm thinking about trying it. I don't even know, you guys. Life is in this crazy routine right now but it always seems like I have time to eat, but not enough time for homework and friends. How do I manage to fuck up all the time? It's just little things, too. I've been home for an hour and I've already had a bowl of ice cream and a plate of nachos! I'm going to Florida in 29 days, and I don't want to look like I do now! I wanna wear a bikini and get tan! If anyone knows how I can lose the fat in my stomach and my inner thighs? I know it's kind of a short time, but I also want to look good for summer... uhg this is so stressful. Later players.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

4-River Dance

Aloha, bloggers. Hahah, there's no one following my blog, so I guess hello space. Anyways, I'm in my dad's office and found an app to blog from! Woop wooooop! Anyways, my dad put in a River Dance CD we used to listen to when I was little. We had the VHS to it and we'd watch in total astonishment. I wanted to be an Irish dancer like the girls in the movie so badly. Haha, and here I am years later with a best friend (not Hayley) who's an Irish dancer. Small world. My day at school was okay. I don't have a lot of great friends at school, though. Most ofthr friends I make at school aleady have best friends. And so do I, I guess, but Hal is so far away! Sooo not fair. Life is at kind of a standstill at the moment. I've got a soccer game tomorrow night that I'm not particularly excited for, but whatever. We're playing for 3rd in our winter league, which is kind of disapointing, but what can you do. Well, the picture attached is the Daily Enlightenment for the day from my iPod. I've seen better, but it's alright. Later, chanchos.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hey, so I have this best friend who lives in California, and I'm having some thoughts. Her name is Hayley. The picture is of us together, I'm the one with the crazy look in my eyes, and she's the one smiling her face off :D. Yeah, best friends since we were 2. Anyways, she lives in Cali and I live in Minnesota, so we're a fair distance away. It's expensive to go out and see each other, but she comes here with her family at least once a year, and I've been trying to get out there for spring breaks and such. The thing is though, and I've struggled with this ever since she moved, is that she has a new life out there that doesn't include me. And I have to come to accept that because if I don't, then I'll just be living in jealousy my entire life. For example, she's in SoCal right now seeing some of her friends there and having a great time. Instead of me being happy for her, my initial feeling was of jealousy that she wasn't visiting me. Now, I think it's okay for me to feel that way a tiny bit, but I'm not the controller of her life! Things change, people change, and though it's not always good right away, so many doors have been opened for her and for me. I've had to learn that when stuff falls apart, you have to get right back up and deal. She's gotten so many good things out of Cali. She goes to an amazing school, she's met amazing people, she lives in a gorgeous lil town near the ocean, and the guys aren't bad! She gets to travel back to MN once a year, maybe twice, and we've kept in touch so well. Last night, I wasn't feeling well (strep, remember?) and so I hatched this idea for next spring break, 2011, for me to go out there like I did last year. As I was chatting with Hayley, a commercial for Carnival Cruise Line came on TV, and instantly I thought of my cruise about a year ago. I thought how awesome it would be to go on one with Hayley and our families! I told her that, and the first thing she said was how fun it would be to invite her friends from California. In a way, when she said that, my heart sank. I realized that I am not the only friend she has. I'm not the one that she thinks of when she's making plans. It's no longer convenient for us to be around eachother. When we are, though, we have the time of our lives. We're young, I know, but time is running out. She's a year older, and one day, she's going to be off at college doing so many awesome things with her life while I'm still stuck here in MN at my senior year of high school. I guess hearing her say that she wanted to spend her spring break with other people made me realize she must love them too. And I feel so stupid for thinking she wouldn't. Later I let her know that I don't want a cruise. I just want to fly out to where she is. Be by the ocean, eat In-N-Out Burger, meet her friends, see her in her home setting, be with her family and her dogs, and let it be for the time that we have. I hope she reads this cause there's no way this could be put on FaceBook and it would never fit on Twitter. I love you, Hal Marie. I wish I could be with you all the time, but then again, that would take the special-ness out of our friendship. We've thrived even while thousands of miles apart. I want to continue that. And hey, next spring break is a year away and we have summer 2010 to look forward to. Thanks for reading, if anyone did. Later, dudes.

2-Boy Meets World

So I just watched the final episode of Boy Meets World and bawled my eyes out. I honestly find it so sad when things end and people leave. Ah, okay. Well I'm home again from school today, still feeling crapppy. Watching some Olympics! Their actually on during the day today! Wooohooo. Oh, okay, so I need some new ideas for my YouTube ! Post comments with new stuff, please! Thanks, all!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Hey yall, welcome to the first blog post. At the moment, I'm home watching Rachel Ray because my strep test came back positive yesterdayyy. I wish the Olympics were on during the day, but no. Speaking of Olympics, I think that would be the highlight of my life to go to them someday. Women's US Olympic Soccer Team 2016-2020! That's my goal, don't know if it's realistic. Well, I think I'm going to try to get a picture of me in here, but I have to go shower now cause it's late in the afternoon and I'm still in my pjs. Later dudess.