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Thursday, February 25, 2010

5-Early Release/Lose Weight

Soooo today we got out of school early because of conferences, but I don't have a conference, so I get to be home and watch Tyra! Hahaha, well tomorrow is career day and I am going to a vetrinarian! I hope I can get to hold lil puppies and aminalss. Hahaha, so cute. So much temptaion to eat all the ice cream and Girl Scout cookies. Omnomnomnom. Oh, something you should know about me is that I struggle with my self confidence. I know this about myself and I'm not afraid to tell people about it. I hate my tummy and my inner thighs! Other than those two parts of me, I am pretty much thin, or at least that's what my friends tell me. I am really active though, I have a game later today. I play soccer year round, so it's not like I don't excersize, it's that I eat too much. Roar! If anyone knows, does HydroxyCut work? I'm thinking about trying it. I don't even know, you guys. Life is in this crazy routine right now but it always seems like I have time to eat, but not enough time for homework and friends. How do I manage to fuck up all the time? It's just little things, too. I've been home for an hour and I've already had a bowl of ice cream and a plate of nachos! I'm going to Florida in 29 days, and I don't want to look like I do now! I wanna wear a bikini and get tan! If anyone knows how I can lose the fat in my stomach and my inner thighs? I know it's kind of a short time, but I also want to look good for summer... uhg this is so stressful. Later players.

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