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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

4-River Dance

Aloha, bloggers. Hahah, there's no one following my blog, so I guess hello space. Anyways, I'm in my dad's office and found an app to blog from! Woop wooooop! Anyways, my dad put in a River Dance CD we used to listen to when I was little. We had the VHS to it and we'd watch in total astonishment. I wanted to be an Irish dancer like the girls in the movie so badly. Haha, and here I am years later with a best friend (not Hayley) who's an Irish dancer. Small world. My day at school was okay. I don't have a lot of great friends at school, though. Most ofthr friends I make at school aleady have best friends. And so do I, I guess, but Hal is so far away! Sooo not fair. Life is at kind of a standstill at the moment. I've got a soccer game tomorrow night that I'm not particularly excited for, but whatever. We're playing for 3rd in our winter league, which is kind of disapointing, but what can you do. Well, the picture attached is the Daily Enlightenment for the day from my iPod. I've seen better, but it's alright. Later, chanchos.

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