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Monday, March 8, 2010

14-Kelli !

Today my friend Kelli informed me that she was reading my blog! She's prolly reading this one too (heyy kell!), so just wanted to note that I'm not alone on this thing, hahaha. At the moment, I'm at school at my brother's last basketball game, and they're creaming the other team 27-2. We're at halftime now, and I just feel so bad for this other team! Their best players bailed and they have 3 subs. Poor kids. Thank god soccer is a relatively low scoring game... most of the time. Sorry I've been slacking on pictures, so here's the daily enlightenment for today. Laterr.

Update: it's 10:53 and I'm sitting wiff Kelli watching A League Of Their Own in Women's Studies. I know she's reading this:
Heyyy love! I bet your really enjoying this movie... nottt. Gots to see you sooon!

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