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Sunday, March 28, 2010

25-Flo Rida !

Heyy everyone! Made it to Florida! Today (Sunday) was our first full day, we got in yesterday at about 6. So here's how it all went down:
Get up at about 9 and get picked up to leave at 9:30
Get to the airport for our flight at 11.
Check luggage: that goes smoothly.
Security: good, until mom forgets about the bottles of lotion and shampoo in her bag. That was a problem.
Okay, so it's about 10:45 when mom gets out from checking that bag AND going through security a second time. We now have 15 minutes to get to our gate.
So, we get there, and it's not the right destination. With 5 minutes to spare, we are informed our flight has been moved down two gates. SO, we book it there.
We make it; last ones to board. All goes well on that flight.
We arrive in Memphis for a short layover. One thing forgotten on the previous flight: all the kleenex. Nuts.
Okay, we get off the flight in Memphis to go to our next flight to take us to Tampa. Problem there: mom forgot to print Pete & My boarding passes. Super.
Well, that turns out not to be a problem, other than they double booked my mom's seat.
That was eventually solved too, and we got to Tampa juuust fine.
Get to Tampa, regret wearing Uggs, a Northface, and jeans, and proceed to baggage claim.
Now, I still haven't called to see if they found it, but then I lost my Northface after getting off plane on the way to the shuttle. Oh well.
Anyways, we made it and went swimming when we got to our grandma's house. It's rained allllll day today. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same, but the rest of the week is supposed to be goood. Haven't had a chance to tan yet (grrrrr) but I think I will a little later this week. Okay, I'll keep you posted cause I do have wifi! I forgot the cord for my camera though, so I won't be able to get pictures on my computer til I get home.
Mkay, byee.

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